Tinubu Appoints New Diplomatic Envoys to Strengthen Global Ties

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has named a new cohort of Chargés d’affaires and Consuls General to represent Nigeria in key diplomatic postings across the globe, as announced by the Nigerian government. This strategic deployment includes seasoned diplomats appointed to embassies and consulates from Syria to the USA, signaling a clear intent to bolster Nigeria’s international relations and economic interests.

The appointed Chargés d’affaires include Amb. Saidu Mohammed Dodo to Damascus, Syria; Amb. Patrick Imoudu Imologhome to Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; Amb. Francisca Kemi Omayuli to Singapore; Amb. Babagana Ahmadu to Bangui, Central African Republic; and Amb. Mohammed Mohammed to Tripoli, Libya.

Furthermore, the new Consuls General include Amb. Auwalu Jega Namadina in Atlanta, USA; Amb. Nnamdi Okechukwu Nze in Bata, Equatorial Guinea; and several others assigned to strategic locations in China, Germany, Cameroon, South Africa, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tuggar, emphasized the role of the new diplomats in advancing President Tinubu’s economic objectives and maintaining diplomatic decorum without engaging in political activities. He urged the appointees to focus on their responsibilities and contribute effectively to Nigeria’s progress and common good.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, Ambassador Abubakar Jidda, the new Consul General in New York, affirmed their commitment to uphold the principles of diplomacy and to attract vital investments to Nigeria. He expressed gratitude to President Tinubu and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the trust placed in them. The diplomats are expected to assume their new roles immediately, reinforcing Nigeria’s presence and partnerships around the world.

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