There Are No Gays In My Family – AY Comedian

Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY has stated that there are no homosexuals in his family, IGBERETV reports.

The actor said this in reaction to a post by his sister-in-law Grace Makun challenging those calling her husband Yomi Makun, popularly known as Yomi Casual, gay.

Grace had in a lengthy Instagram post on Friday challenged anybody with proof that her husband is homosexual to come forward with proof.

A part of her post read;

“With the permission of my husband, I am daring the so-called blogger and anyone of you who insinuate to know too much to bring out proofs that confirm Yomi ‘gay’ as speculated without fact by your devilish camps within 24 hours.”

She also cursed those behind the speculation, writing;

“I pray for calamity to come upon them all one by one in JESUS NAME. AMEN.”

Responding in the comment section of Grace’s post, AY Comedian wrote;

“It’s all about entertainment for these evil people. They are traits you will NEVER EVER trace to the Makuns. You already know who you marry, go to bed. As for the bloggers, I still have their tablets. Them go use backup accounts again when I strike as usual.”

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