Tetuila Accuses Eedris Abdulkareem, Eddy Remedy of Betrayal

Tony Tetuila, a veteran singer and former member of The Remedies, has voiced allegations of betrayal against his ex-bandmates Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Remedy, asserting that they conspired to oust him from the group despite his mother’s initial sponsorship.

The dispute arises following recent remarks made by Abdulkareem in a podcast interview, where he suggested that The Remedies disbanded due to Eddy’s purported greed and subsequent decision to discontinue equal revenue sharing with Tetuila. Abdulkareem claimed to have advised Tetuila to prepare for a solo career following their discussion.

However, Tetuila, responding via his social media platform, refuted Abdulkareem’s narrative, alleging that Abdulkareem and Eddy Remedy colluded against him, contrary to their stated intentions. Tetuila expressed deep disappointment and distress over his expulsion from the band, describing the experience as “heartbreaking and shattering.”

He credited the encouragement and support he received from Daddy Showkey and Blackface as instrumental in navigating his transition to a solo career following the band’s dissolution.

He said, “Eedris connived with Eddy and kicked me out of The Remedies despite the fact that it was my mum who brought the money that was used to sponsor the group in the beginning. I was so heartbroken and shattered. It was Daddy Showkey who encouraged me and told me that I could do it alone.

“Blackface was another person who helped me. He brought me close and taught me how I could write my own songs. Blackface is a very great guy. I’d never forget the role he played in my career.

“It’s same Eedris that’s coming out to lie that he made sacrifices for the [Nigerian music] industry.”

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