Terrorists Leader Boast Of Buying Weapons With New Naira

A terrorist leader, Kachalla Balleri, has said he and his gang have stock of the new naira and have bought weapons with the newly launched currency.

Recall that the Central Bank of Nigeria has in November 2022 announced the redesigning of the N100, N200, N500 and N1000 denominations.

The purpose was to stop vote-buying in the coming election and also render useless the ransom money bandits have stashed away.

Since the launch of the new naira, many Nigerians have been groaning about its unavailability.

However, Balleri appeared in a trending video showing him flaunting the currency and saying, “The poor don’t know what naira redesign means. Some of them don’t have N10,000.

“We have bought weapons with new notes so that we can fight them. Now we are waiting to hear what they will say next.

“We are doing what we are doing for the sake of God and the poor, not the government. We have no problem with whosoever wishes to relate well with us,” he said.

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