Tennis Champion Tanya Okpala Returns to Court

Tanya Okpala, a former lawn tennis champion, is back on the courts after suffering a period of distressing state on the streets.

Her recovery was disclosed by Governor Charles Soludo who shared photos of the athlete playing tennis.

He shared on X, “Tania Okpala is back on the courts!

“A few months ago, social media was flooded with a viral video showing Ms. Tania in a distressing state on the streets of Awka. I am pleased to report that we have successfully restored Tania to her winning ways.

“Today, she was at a lawn tennis court in town to showcase her skills. I sincerely appreciate my darling wife, Nonye Soludo, for her unwavering commitment to the cause of rehabilitating and reintegrating Tania into society.”

Okpala had in 1999 gained scholarship into Howard University where she became a tennis champion.

Things, however, took an unfortunate turn in 2017 when her mother died of breast cancer, leading to her losing her job in a hotel then getting pregnant for a Liberien man.

“I then delivered the baby in my father’s home town because I told my father I would very much love to stay in Nkpologwu and rest,” she said.

Okpala said after her delivery, she got a job in Nigeria, but the pay was lower than what she was paid in the US.

“Things were a little bit different for me, but I put myself to it,” she said.

“Since she (my mother) died, I am like I am living a lifestyle which I have never lived before,” Ms Okpala said, apparently referring to her living in the streets.

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