Supreme Court Implies Crime is Good – Atiku

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar has said the Supreme Court has implied that crime is good and should be rewarded.

Atiku said this at a world press conference on Monday following his lost at the Supreme Court which affirmed the electoral victory of President Bola Tinubu.

Atiku had contested the election and lost. However, he proceeded to the presidential election petition tribunal and as far as the Supreme Court to reclaim what he described as his mandate.

He, however, lost at both courts despite tendering evidence he claimed was enough to show that Tinubu was never qualified to contest the February 25 presidential election.

Speaking at the conference, the Peoples Democratic Party candidate said, “If the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, implies by its judgment that crime is good and should be rewarded, then Nigeria has lost and the country is doomed irrespective of who occupies the Presidential seat. If the Supreme Court decides that the Electoral umpire, INEC, can tell the public one thing and then do something else in order to reach a corruptly predetermined outcome, then there is really no hope for the country’s democracy and electoral politics.

“Obviously, the consequences of those decisions for the country will not end at the expiration of the current government. They will last for decades. I am absolutely sure that history will vindicate me. We now know what the Supreme Court has decided.

“At critical points in my political life, I always ignored the easy but ignoble path and chosen the difficult but dignified path, the path of truth, of morality, of democracy and rule of law.

“I always chose freedom over servitude, whatever the personal discomforts my choice entails. When I joined politics, the critical challenge was easing the military out of power so that civilian democratic governance could be restored in Nigeria. It later became a very defining struggle, and, as one of the leaders of that struggle, I was targeted for elimination.”

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