Suntan Beach: A Pool of Fun On Boxing Day

Suntan Beach Photo Credit Badagry festival
By Rashidat Akashat, Agency reports

There was a pool of fun loving people at the stunning Suntan beach in Badagry today, as they chose to enjoy their Boxing day at the beach.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), despite the hot conditions, the beach recorded a lot of people from different parts of the country.

The reason is that some visitors said they make use of the holiday, especially the boxing day to have fun and some to make money.

“Due to the nature of my job, I rarely have time for myself, so I usually use holidays like this to relax and catch fun,’’Miss Busola Lawal who visited said.

Another visitor Mr Ayobami Badejo said “I work in Port Harcourt and my family stays in Lagos. So, during times like this, we always go on outings to where we can have fun,’’.

Mr Nuru Mohammed, a roasted meat seller, popularly known as Suya, said “I wish everyday can be a public holiday in Nigeria so that I can make this kind of money every time.

“I have made over N7,000 now and I am sure that I will still make more because more people would patronise me,”

“The crowd is so much and this means good business for me,” he concluded.

A soft drink seller, Mrs Maupe Adeovi, seemed overexcited as she commented,

“Business has been great today and I am so glad about this because things had really been  slow for over a week,”

“My drinks even finished and I had to quickly rush to the market to get more drinks,”

“This kind of thing happens once in a while and I am going to make the best use of it, ”

Officer Credits Large Turnout To Safety And Patriotism

Mr Stanley Hungbo who is the Officer in charge of the beach credited the large turnout on Boxing day to patriotism and safety.

“For several years, we have not witnessed any drowning in this beach and this can be attributed to the safety measures we put in place,” Hungbo said.

“The beach is very safe and this factor has contributed to the large turnout of people because they are assured of their safety,” Hungbo concluded.

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