Stop Telling Artistes To Be Humble, Singer Brymo Tells Fans

Brymo, the popular Nigerian singer and actor, has issued a stern warning to Nigerians, urging them to refrain from advising artists to be humble.

The singer conveyed this message on Saturday in response to a tweet from a user named @Maverickbanty, who had encouraged Brymo to remain genuine and humble. In the tweet, @Maverickbanty wrote, “My humble advice to you: Just keep being real to yourself and stay humble. Reach out to as many as possible. You are going places.”

However, Brymo was clearly dissatisfied with the implication that artists are not authentic, prompting him to express his discontent directly in the fan’s comment section.

The singer’s response suggests that he perceives the notion of humility as a hindrance or as diminishing the genuine nature of an artist’s craft. While his exact words were not disclosed, his reaction reflects his strong objection to the advice given by @Maverickbanty.

Brymo’s passionate response highlights the significance of individuality and artistic expression, emphasizing that artists should not feel obligated to conform to societal expectations of humility.

As the conversation continues, it remains to be seen how fans and followers will respond to Brymo’s stance on the matter.

He said: “Stay humble? you mean stay writing more tunes? and persons famed for being prideful only may display true humility. Please stop telling artists to be humble. Stop it.”

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