States Can Pay More Than Minimum Wage

States Can Pay More Than Minimum Wage
Dr Chris Ngige, the Minister Of Labour. Twitter.

Minister of Labour and Employment Chris Ngige has said that states in the country can pay more than the minimum wage.

Ngige made the statement over the weekend Ngige in Awka.

He said the National Tripartite Committee set up by President Muhammadu Buhari has swung into action and would conclude all arrangement about the minimum wage in the third quarter of 2018.

According to him, “We had our inaugural meeting on 14th December and we did a frame work for our work. We will finish our job before the third quarters of this year, but we may finish earlier.

“Minimum Wage is a national matter and only the federal government can legislate on it. Labour matter and the issue of national minimum wage is in the exclusive list.

“President Buhari is monitoring it strictly, and I am monitoring it too. I wear a double cap as minister of labour, who is the regulator and also as the deputy chairman of the committee.”

Ngige added that, “Minimum wage will not take care of disparity in salaries. We will fix it, but states can pay more than that. I give you an example, today minimum wage is N18,500, but Adams Oshiomhole was paying N25,000 before he left office.

“Minimum wage is just to set the baseline, but States can pay more.”

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