Speaker Assures Better Welfare for Parliamentary Staff

Tajudeen Abbas, the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, has pledged improved welfare for staff members of the National Assembly during a meeting with the leadership of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN).

In his remarks following the meeting, Abbas assured PASAN of his commitment to enhancing the welfare of National Assembly staff under his leadership.

During the discussion, Abbas urged PASAN’s leadership to encourage their colleagues within the labor movement to exercise patience with the government. He highlighted ongoing government programs, palliatives, initiatives, and plans aimed at benefiting Nigerians, emphasizing the need for additional time for their implementation.

Furthermore, Abbas announced that the National Assembly Management had settled outstanding allowances owed to workers over several years, along with other entitlements. He expressed confidence that this gesture would extend beyond the Legislative arm to benefit other sectors of the Nigerian state.

The meeting between Abbas and PASAN leadership underscores efforts to address staff welfare concerns within the National Assembly and reflects a commitment to fostering productive relations between legislative authorities and parliamentary staff.

Abbas’s assurances come amid ongoing discussions and negotiations regarding labor issues and governmental initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of Nigerian citizens.

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