Speaker Abbas Announces Reps Majority Leaders

Speaker Tajudeen Abbas of the House of Representatives has officially announced the Majority Principal Officers for the 10th Federal House of Representatives. These appointments are essential in ensuring effective legislative functions and smooth operations within the House. The newly appointed officers bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective roles.

Julius Ihonvbere Takes the Helm as House Majority Leader

Julius Ihonvbere has been appointed as the House Majority Leader, a crucial position responsible for coordinating legislative activities and driving the majority party’s agenda. With his extensive background in politics and governance, Ihonvbere is well-equipped to lead the House in executing its legislative responsibilities.

Usman Bello Kumo Assumes the Role of House Chief Whip

Usman Bello Kumo has been appointed as the House Chief Whip, a position that plays a vital role in maintaining party discipline and ensuring the smooth conduct of legislative proceedings. Kumo’s vast experience and understanding of parliamentary affairs make him a valuable asset in fostering unity and cooperation within the House.

Abdullahi Ibrahim Halims Appointed as House Deputy Majority Leader

Abdullahi Ibrahim Halims has been appointed as the House Deputy Majority Leader. In this capacity, Halims will support the House Majority Leader in managing legislative activities, promoting party objectives, and engaging with stakeholders. Halims’ dedication to public service and his in-depth knowledge of legislative processes make him an invaluable addition to the House leadership.

Adewumi Onanuga Takes on the Role of House Deputy Whip

Adewumi Onanuga has been appointed as the House Deputy Whip, a position that involves assisting the House Chief Whip in maintaining party cohesion and facilitating effective communication among members. With his strong interpersonal skills and commitment to fostering cooperation, Onanuga is well-suited to promote unity and consensus within the House.

A Strong Leadership Team for the 10th Federal House of Representatives

The appointments of Julius Ihonvbere as House Majority Leader, Usman Bello Kumo as House Chief Whip, Abdullahi Ibrahim Halims as House Deputy Majority Leader, and Adewumi Onanuga as House Deputy Whip reflect Speaker Tajudeen Abbas’s commitment to forming a strong and capable leadership team. These individuals bring diverse perspectives and expertise, which will contribute to the efficient functioning of the House and the advancement of legislative objectives.

With this newly appointed team, the 10th Federal House of Representatives is well-positioned to tackle the important issues facing the nation and serve the interests of the Nigerian people effectively. The Speaker’s announcement marks a significant step towards a productive and impactful legislative term.

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