Sowore Reacts to Charter House School N42m Fees

Former presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore has said those who can afford the N42m per annum school fees demanded by Charter House school in Lagos are those who build substandard classrooms across the country.

The school recently created a buzz when it announced its school fees to the shock of many Nigerians. The management, however, justified the fee by stating that sending once kid abroad to school costs more than their fee.

Reacting, Sowore shared on X, “These are the classrooms and campus of the @Charterhouselag School, a primary school in Lagos’s Lekki area, charging N42 million per annum.

“The people paying for their kids to attend this school are some of the same people building substandard school classrooms across Nigeria.

“What should not be lost on Nigerians is that these classrooms ought to be donning our public schools as the sixth largest oil-producing country in the world.

“The outrage should actually be against the Nigerian political class that ruined public education institutions and diverted the funds from there to send their own kids to expensive private schools and also build themselves mansions that are swankier than the classrooms you see here.”

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