Sowore Mocks Obi’s Borehole, Calls it ‘Pepper Grinding Machine’

Omoyele Sowore has slammed his fellow presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Peter Obi, over the quality of borehole he donated to the north.

Obi recently inaugurated the borehole leading to controversy as many questioned the quality and likening it to what he would do if he ever gets elected as president.

Reacting, Sowore took to X where he prayed that politicians like Obi should never happen to Nigerians.

He wrote, “This is unbelievable; it is the worst thing I have watched in a long time, couldn’t believe that
@PeterObi, who was twice a governor of a Nigerian state, will be cutting the ribbon to commission a pepper-grinding machine to pump water for Nigerian victims. May this set of politicians never happen to any country.

“This is so sad. I agree with @PeterObi that his generation of leaders/rulers did everything they could to spread poverty amongst our people, so they could mock them with tokenism like this. and it is the reason I will keep insisting that the @PeterObi’s, the @atiku’s, the @KwankwasoRM’s and @officialABAT’s of this world should be rotting In jail instead of appearing on our electoral ballots! #RevolutionNow.”

Obi inaugurating borehole. (Image source: Daniel Bwala)

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