Southgate Considers Future if England Fails at Euro 2024

Gareth Southgate has acknowledged he may step down as England manager if the team fails to secure victory at Euro 2024. Despite being under contract until December, Southgate suggested a post-tournament reflection period might be needed, especially if the team does not meet expectations.

Southgate expressed concerns that fans could lose confidence in his leadership if England does not triumph in Germany. His tenure, marked by reaching the 2018 World Cup semi-finals and the Euro 2020 final, faces a crucial test as the nation hopes for its first major tournament win since 1966.

“If we don’t win, I probably won’t be here anymore,” Southgate told German newspaper Bild. “So maybe it is the last chance. I think around half the national coaches leave after a tournament – that’s the nature of international football.

“I’ve been here almost eight years now and we’ve come close. You can’t constantly put yourself in front of the public and say, ‘A little more please,’ as at some point people lose faith. If we want to be a great team and I want to be a top coach, you must deliver in big moments.”

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