South-East Governors Vow To Stamp Out Criminality

The Governors of the South-East region have come to the agreement that criminality will no longer have a place to thrive in their region.

The resolution was reached after a meeting attended by the governors of states in the region.

One of the governors, Charles Soludo of Anambra State, also revealed that he and his colleagues are collaborating to organise the South-East Economic Summit.

He said, “Yesterday, I once again met with my fellow Southeast Governors in Enugu, to discuss important matters concerning the Southeast region. During our meeting, we reaffirmed our commitment to collaborating for the comprehensive development of Ala Igbo.

“Foremost among our topics of discussion was the security of the region. We reached a consensus that the Southeast shall no longer be a haven for any form of criminality under whatever guise.

“Greater collaborative efforts is underway to ensure that no inch of space in the region will ever be safe for any criminal.

“Furthermore, our deliberations extended to the region’s economy.

“We have decided to organize a Southeast Economic Summit, the details of which will be communicated soon. I am enthusiastic about the potential for greater prosperity in our region through united efforts toward a shared destiny.”

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