Something Was Added to Water NDLEA Gave Me to Drink – Mohbad

Following the sudden death of popular Nigerian singer, Mohbad, a new video was released by @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet. In the video late Mohbad was seen saying that when he was arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) he was given a table water to drink by officials of the NDLEA without knowing something has been added to it.

He also said that fellow label mate, Zinolesky snitched on him.

As shared on Instagram by gistloverblog_mediaoutlet:

“Dear @ndlea_nigeria I will be so m@d at you all and we wont talk this slightly, i promise we wont, I am beginning to get new videos into how you all oppress this boy, there are more evidence coming, I told you all I am prepared do this , I ready go to any length with una, Mohbad will be you all last victim, i promise una, WORLD PEOPLE THIS IS A CONFESSION FROM THE LATE MOHBAD ABOUT HOW @ndlea_nigeria gave only him a white substance at their office, you all remember I told you how Naira paid @ndlea_nigeria to come burst Mohbad and rope him with the drugs narratives, so they came , rough handle him and even knack gun for him head which gave him some injury too, he treated that for a while too💔💔so on getting to their office, he was not the only one bursted but he was the only one given the substance, when did NDLEA turn to hospital wey them Dey administer medicine or anything, you all made life a living hell for this boy, @ndlea_nigeria you are not innocent, we are asking una gently now no answer is coming forth from any quarters , na like this end SARS take start ooo, na like this e Dey start ooo, if there is no one to be messed with na the youth, we need answers , Kile fun Imole mu(wetin una give Imole drink) he was not the only one picked as instructed by una sponsor Naira Marley, we go gather enter one trouser too and it will be a long ride, trust me, you all better start talking, TALKKKKKKK, SANWOOO ACT!!! NDLEA TALK!!! Na person d1e no be chicken, Don’t let the youths carry placards and start demanding for answers before you all act, we Dey wait !!! Let’s all march to @ndlea_nigeria page massively too, them get question to answer, ENIKUUURE”

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