Soludo Tasks Anambra Parents On Raising Children

Anambra First Lady, Mrs Soludo, has said every parent owes their children the right moral structure, as well as a peculiar social system that moulds their entire life.

The Governor’s wife noted that as the smallest unit of the society and the onset of socialization, the family is a child’s first moral base, and always reflects on their character and ideology.

She asked parents to be deliberate in the way they raise their children, be mindful of their words and actions, and to generally keep a home that is healthy for the children’s overall development.

While voicing out her concern about the current moral shortfalls in the society, especially among youths, Mrs Soludo called for a review of family patterns, traditions and culture, as well as a new approach to parenting.

The Governor’s wife also tasked women to do more in the current fight to save the home from total collapse, considering their roles as the heart and conscience of the society.

She pledged to continue to lead the advocacy for a better and healthier human society that understands that basics of moral principles and attitudinal reorientation.

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