Soludo Marks 100 Days In Office As Anambra Gov

Sometimes it sounds fable for an administration elected for a four year term to receive its first assessment and achievement rating in its FIRST 100 DAYS IN OFFICE. Though it has become necessary to consider it as a centenary gateway, a foundation to the block of structures of intended governance, we must look beyond it, and into the visionary strides of the administration, and the visible pointers of direction and purpose.

This is what the administration of Governor Chukwuma Soludo represents.

Meanwhile, around the world, atleast recorded, no administration has been able to achieve its campaign promises in its FIRST 100 DAYS. Rightly so, the time space of a 100days isn’t enough to access the success or failure of any government. As stated ab initio, it is usually, a moment that strategically defines a government, and showcases its will to perform, and at the sametime displaying passion, commitment and desire in getting the work done for the people during the timeline constitutionally permitted for every governor.

Governor Soludo’s FIRST 100 DAYS as the elected Governor of Anambra state has been impressive that it has brought to the fore his many capabilities in governance what the government prioritizes. A look at his administration shows that he came to serve well equipped and prepared.

In the spirit of advacemenent and development of Anambra state, the Governor had set the agenda and plan on five key pillars which include: law and order, economic transformation, competitive and progressive social agenda, governance and rule of law, and aggressively tackling the existential threat posed by the environment.

As the Governor’s FIRST 100 DAYS IN OFFICE beckons, Ndi Anambra shall begin to look at the records, and make assessments. That should by no means be the definitive judgment on Soludo’s administration. Ndi Anambra can only be proud that the government have set the priorities -right and clear-, and as well shown the will to put smiles on the faces of many. Its vital to note that this administration begun early to deliver its core mandates, and it will take a little while before it all takes recognisable shape

On assumption of office on Thursday, March 17, 2022, the Governor was faced with humongous challenges, including, top amongst them the spate of criminal enterprise that took over the seven local government areas of Anambra south and Ogbaru area council, the heap of wastes, de-silting of drainage system and the proper management of chaotic traffic problem across the state.

Today, the government have made progress in dealing with those profiting from the climate of criminal enterprise and the rampant insecurity in the state. The surge of criminalities had been contained, its fangs rendered less sharp and relative normalcy had returned to most communities.

The Government has succeeded in cleaning the streets and now putting in place (for the first time in the state) a medium term sustainable strategy to manage effectively the states waste system. Soludo personally flagged off the cleaning of Onitsha Urban, Okpoko refuse dump.

It is true that many ndi-Anambra are expecting Governor Soludo to perform magic, maybe by just waving a hand, but it is more. The Governor declared a state of emergency on infrastructures -including roads and traffic management.
Governor Soludo’s vision to transform Anambra into a liveable and prosperous homeland looks assured that it will be fully be implemented when the Anambra State House of Assembly passes the Revised 2022 Budget of 170 Billion naira.
Hence, the judgement of ‘where we were yesterday, where we are today and where we will be tomorrow’ can only be definite after the constitutionally permited four year term is fully exhausted. Applying a caveat, each day brings Ndi Anambra close to the Soludo’s solution and his plan for a greater Anambra state.

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