Singer Seun Kuti Breaks Silence After Release From Police Custody

The talented singer, who had been detained at the State Criminal, Investigations and Intelligence Department (SCIID) in Yaba, Lagos, due to allegations of assaulting a police officer, was granted bail on Tuesday based on an order from the Yaba Chief Magistrate Court.

Expressing his gratitude on his Instagram story, Kuti took a moment to acknowledge and appreciate all those who stood by him during his challenging period.

In a heartfelt message, he wrote, He wrote, “I want to say a profound thanks to everyone who showed me all this love. All my friends that showed up! Thanks most especially to my beautiful wife @chefyeidekuti”

Seun Kuti’s release has brought relief to his fans and supporters, who have eagerly awaited his return to continue his musical journey.

His appreciation for the unwavering support he received demonstrates the strength of his relationships and the power of solidarity in times of adversity.

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