Singer Davido Regrets Quarrel With Chioma

Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, widely known as Davido, has openly expressed his deep disappointment in himself over a previous quarrel with his wife, Chioma.

Reflecting on the incident, he acknowledged that it was a moment where he felt let down by his own actions and believed he could have handled the situation more effectively.

Davido chose to reveal these sentiments during a recent episode of the ABTalks podcast. The candid conversation allowed him to reflect on personal experiences and share valuable insights with his listeners.

Despite the disappointment he felt, Davido reassured his fans and the public that he and Chioma have long since reconciled. Their commitment to one another and their shared journey of growth and love have played a significant role in moving past the quarrel and strengthening their bond.

The podcast host, Anas Bukhash asked: “When was David most disappointed in David?”

Davido responded: “Probably, when me and my wife [Chioma] first had like a little rift. I thought I could have done better because she is an amazing person.

“I think that was the only time I messed up. But I have fixed it [laughs].”

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