Singer Davido Opens Up About Struggles With His Voice

Renowned Afrobeat singer David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, recently revealed that he has been grappling with challenges related to his voice.

In an interview with a Nigerian-based music magazine called ‘The Native,’ the artist shared his experiences of losing his voice prior to stage performances and addressed the criticism he has faced due to his hazy and husky vocal quality.

Despite these difficulties, Davido has managed to overcome the obstacles and ensure that they do not hinder his musical career.

He said; “My doctor, at some point, advised me against non-essential verbal communication.

“Because my voice is already husky, when my voice goes it’s so annoying. I like to express myself and I speak a lot, so when I can’t talk, it’s annoying.

“It’s so uncomfortable when I have a show and my voice is not back, and I’m impatient so I’ll just be coughing,” he said.

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