Simi Slams Female Pastor for Condemning Natural Hair

Singer Simi has slammed a female pastor in a trending video telling women to wear wig because natural hair is not attractive.

The pastor began in the video, “Bible says he that will have friends must first show himself friendly. You’re squeezing your face, ‘nobody is calling me’ but this is how your face is.”

She continued: “Friday night, you’re at home, Monday, you’re at home, Tuesday you’re at home. Instead of you to be smiling, be shining your teeth anywhere you are. When your friends are hanging out, say, ‘I’m coming’. When your colleagues are going to one say, ‘maybe that’s where my husband will be. Let me dress up and join them’. Show yourself friendly and then you will have friends.”

Speaking against natural hair, she said: “All of you will be carrying natural hair about. Who natural hair help? OK. Better wear your wig and be doing like this…”

The pastor then proceeded to flip her wig.

“And be flipping it,” she added. “Go and spend that money on hair. Draw your brows, buy lip gloss, look good.”

“Natural hair is not selling market. When you marry you off your wig because you have entered, there’s nothing they can do about it. But before you enter, don’t be caught unfresh. Never. Package yourself well.”

Criticising the pastor, Simi wrote on X, “Even when you hide self hate inside “good advice”, it’s still self hate. This is why 90% of skincare products in countries full of beautiful dark skin girls/women are “whitening creams”. And girls are told that the hair that grows out of their hair is not special enough. It’s not that you’re not good enough, it’s that they said you’re not good enough. She’s on the pulpit too. A role model. Lol. Wetin God no send una, na hin una like to dey do.”

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