Simi Dismisses Controversial Comments from Brymo, Samklef

Nigerian singer Simisola Kosoko, popularly known as Simi, has publicly responded to remarks made by fellow artist Brymo and producer Samklef, which have stirred considerable controversy. During a recent interview on Angela Yee’s podcast, Simi addressed the comments that had previously ignited a debate on professional boundaries in the music industry.

Last year, Brymo made headlines when he disclosed that he had conditioned a potential collaboration with Simi on her acquiescing to a sexual relationship before her marriage—a proposition she firmly rejected. Brymo claimed that following her refusal, he chose not to collaborate with her.

In a similar vein, Samklef, a producer turned blogger known for his provocative statements, confessed that he harbored romantic feelings for Simi during their early days in the industry. He noted, however, that he never pursued a relationship, choosing instead to keep their interactions strictly professional.

Simi, reflecting on these admissions, expressed bewilderment and chose to downplay their seriousness in her interview with Yee. She remarked on the absurdity of the situation, likening their comments to “comedy,” and emphasized that she found no substantial point in their claims. The singer, who is also a mother, reiterated her focus on her career and personal life, dismissing the remarks as unworthy of serious consideration.

She said, “I don’t know what these people [Brymo and Samklef] are going on about. The funny thing is that these are two different people and I don’t know why they keep talking about me like that. When you even look at what they’re saying, you can’t even pick out anything. I’m still confused.

“I just feel like it doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t change anything. My husband is speaking out for me, is he fighting for his woman as he would. I don’t feel anything about this. It doesn’t impact me. I don’t have anything to hide. If you’re going to post that you asked me out and so what? Or that I had an ex [laughs]. The whole thing to me, is more comedy than anything else.”

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