The Sight Of Christmas Posters Annoy Me – New York Bomber

New York City Bomber Akayed Ullah/

The terrorist responsible for the failed attempt to bomb a crowded public space, Akayed Ullah, has confessed that he became angry at the sight of Christmas posters all over the place.

It has emerged that the bomber had made the crude pipe bomb that exploded in New York City’s busiest bus station out of Christmas lights.

The 27-year-old partially detonated the weapon around his torso as he walked with commuters through Port Authority on Monday morning.

The blast injured three people and tore through Ullah’s stomach. He suffered burns and cuts and was arrested.

Ullah has since told investigators that he was motivated to carry out the attack as revenge for violence against Muslims all over the world.

He said he grew angry at the Christmas posters he saw in Manhattan.

The bomb was initially thought to have detonated prematurely and partially, but Ullah told investigators it was deliberate.

Surveillance footage shows commuters walking through Port Authority when a bomb detonates.

A man, believed to be the suspect, is seen on the ground in a smoke-filled passageway following the explosion.

The improvised explosive device was strapped to his stomach with Velcro and zip-ties.

Greg Belpomme, who works in the area, described the chaos after he arrived at the bus station following the explosion.

New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, confirmed it was an attempted terrorist attack.

He said: “Let’s be clear that this was an attempted terrorist attack. Thank God the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals.

“Thank God the only injuries we know of at this point were minor.”

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