Shaibu Begs Obaseki for Forgiveness

Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, has publicly extended an appeal for forgiveness to Governor Godwin Obaseki, acknowledging any potential mistakes he may have made as a human being. Shaibu made this plea during an interaction with journalists on Thursday, emphasizing the importance of unity to ensure a successful conclusion of the present administration in the state.

The deputy governor’s request for forgiveness comes in the midst of ongoing tensions between him and Governor Obaseki, which have revolved around Shaibu’s purported ambition to succeed Obaseki as governor. The dispute has lingered for several weeks and has resulted in legal action, including Shaibu taking Obaseki to court.

Speaking after being honored as the Grand Patron of the Catholic Men Organisation of Nigeria of the Catholic Archdiocese of Benin City, Shaibu emphasized the need for reconciliation and harmony within the administration.

He said, “I have always said that I am a loyal servant and nothing has changed. I took a vow to support my governor and as you can see, the Catholic people are here.

“Everything about me is that if I have a vow with God, there is nothing that can change it. I can only wish that the relationship that we have before, I pray and know that in the next few weeks it will come back.

“I am missing my governor and I pray that God will touch my governor’s and all our hearts, and even those that are trying to be in between us, God would touch their hearts to know that I mean well.

“If there is any mistake I have made as human, it is just human and not an act of wickedness because I am not wicked and I have a clean heart.

“I used this medium to appeal to Mr. Governor that if there is any mistake I have made or if there anything that I have done that I don’t know of, he should please forgive me so that we can develop our state together.”

The strained relationship between Obaseki and Shaibu escalated recently when the governor relocated Shaibu’s office out of the government house. These developments have been closely watched by both the political community in Edo State and the broader public.

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