Seven Quotes From Late Football Legend, Pelé

Football legend, Pelé, is dead aged 82 years old.

Pelé died after a battle with cancer on Thursday.
As tributes pour in for the legend, we bring you some quotes from him.

1. Of course, I miss playing football but I miss even the hug after scoring a goal, the celebration with the team and the laughter with friends.

2. The joy of doing what you love with the people who are passionate about what they do is indescribable.

3. I was born to play football, just like Beethoven was born to write music and Michelangelo was born to paint.

4. I think it was very similar. The emotion was almost the same. When Brazil lost, it looked like something died, the country died–the same as what happened with Kennedy. I was nine years old. It was the first time I saw my father crying.

5. A penalty is a cowardly way to score.

6. I have scored more than a thousand goals in my life and the thing people always talk to me about is the one I didn’t score.

7. Pele doesn’t die. Pele will never die. Pele is going to go on forever.

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