Seun Kuti Criticizes DJ Khaled’s Silence on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Afrobeat sensation Seun Kuti has taken aim at American music icon DJ Khaled for his conspicuous silence regarding the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Despite DJ Khaled’s Palestinian heritage, Seun Kuti criticized the DJ for refraining from addressing the violence against his own people.

In a pointed video message shared on his Instagram account, Seun Kuti lamented DJ Khaled’s apparent indifference towards the plight of Palestinians, particularly in light of his prominent position in the music industry.

Seun Kuti highlighted the stark contrast between DJ Khaled’s ostentatious displays of wealth on social media and his failure to leverage his influence to speak out against the atrocities inflicted upon Palestinian women and children.

Seun Kuti said, “DJ Khaled is from Palestine. This man has not said one word about the killing of his people. But let one trainers or wristwatch come out, he would post that he has acquired it to prove that he is the greatest man. But he cannot speak against the killing of women and children in his home country.”

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