Seun Kuti Calls for Marijuana Legalization in Nigeria

Grammy-nominated afrobeat sensation, Seun Kuti, has called on the Nigerian government to contemplate the legalization of marijuana, citing a lack of evidence linking marijuana use to diseases.

Kuti emphasized that Nigeria has lost its distinctive strain of marijuana due to the ban on it within the country.

Seun Kuti, known for his outspoken views, pointed out that several countries, including Israel, which holds significant religious importance for Nigerian Christians, have already embraced marijuana legalization.

In an Instagram live session, Seun Kuti said, “Nobody can show me any scientific evidence that links marijuana use to any disease.

“Africa used to have the best marijuana in the world but we’ve lost that strain of marijuana that they use to grow in Obiarukwu forest in Asaba and Sapele in the Delta region. We’ve lost it because she didn’t encourage the cultivation.

“Now, the West have the best marijuana. Germany is going to legalise it very soon. France, Britain and America are talking about it too. It’s already legalised in Canada.

“Has Nigeria government independently carried out any research on marijuana use? Even in Israel, the land of your ‘lord’, the ‘holy land’, marijuana is legal. In fact, Israel is at the forefront of medical marijuana research.”

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