Senate Condemns Sit-at-home, Wants Simon Ekpa Extradited

The Senate has expressed strong condemnation for both the sit-at-home order in the South East and the nefarious activities of Simon Ekpa, the leader of a notorious group.

In response to these issues, the Senate urged the federal government to collaborate with the Finnish government to extradite Simon Ekpa for prosecution.

These resolutions were made following a motion presented by Senator Osita Izunaso, along with the support of Senate presiding officers and all senators from the South East geopolitical zone. The motion highlighted the significant human and economic losses incurred as a result of the illegal sit-at-home order.

Furthermore, the Senate called for a thorough investigation by relevant stakeholders to hold the other sponsors accountable for their actions, as it is crucial to uncover the full extent of involvement and bring those responsible to justice.

In taking a united stance against these unlawful activities, the Senate aims to safeguard peace, stability, and the well-being of the citizens in the affected region. The call for collaboration with the Finnish government to prosecute Simon Ekpa underscores the commitment to ensuring justice is served and deterring any further disruptions to societal order.

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