Sauce Kid Shares Prison Experience On Instagram

Sauce Kid, Prison experience
Sauce Kid. Source: Instagram.

Nigerian rapper and former US ex-convict, Sauce Kid also famous as Sinzu has shared his prison experience on social media.

The singer who was released on March 25, 2018, after spending two years in prison, posted a throwback photo of himself in jail.

He wrote: “Stressing daily, waitin to get sentenced, nothin but men around me… hellafied drama ready to break off at anytime. Had to hit the shower with shoes on just Incase it go down right then n there.Nothing to do but wait for something to happen…..

“I was active in dat all red on the � tho on the 🅱. This was when I started to work out 5 times a day, every week…. Lesson learned. Never going back……”

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