Sanwo-Olu’s Warning Against Arresting Motorists False – LASTMA

LASTMA Clarifies Misinformation Circulating on Social Media

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has come forward to address the recurring spread of fake news on social media regarding an alleged statement made by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The statement falsely claims that LASTMA officials are no longer authorized to arrest motorists, whether they are commercial or private vehicles.

In response to these unfounded claims, LASTMA has clarified its role and responsibilities.

Director of LASTMA Discredits False Reports

In a statement issued by Mr. Adebayo Taofiq, the Director of Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA, it was emphasized that the General Manager of the agency, Mr. Bolaji Oreagba, had previously debunked these fabricated online news articles.

The false reports, which have been circulating since February 2020, have been repeatedly discredited by LASTMA’s management.

The agency urges Lagosians, particularly motorists, to be cautious and discerning when encountering such misleading information.

LASTMA’s Commitment to Traffic Management and Law Enforcement

Mr. Oreagba, the General Manager of LASTMA, expressed concern over the continuous dissemination of false reports that encourage individuals to flout traffic laws.

He emphasized that LASTMA’s core responsibility is to uphold and enforce the traffic laws of Lagos State as outlined in the Transport Sector Reform Law of 2018.

The agency is dedicated to maintaining the free flow of traffic and reducing road accidents through strict law enforcement.

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