Sanwo-Olu Settles Dispute Between Real Estate Company, UK Based Man

Following the viral video in which Mr. Kayode Oladipo alleged a scam against @Revolutionplus1 in a land deal in Lagos, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu ordered a probe, setting up a panel.

The Governor’s intervention has led to peaceful resolution of the private dispute. Findings of the probe panel are detailed below:

The CEO of the real estate company, Dr. Bamidele Onalaja, confirmed that Mr. Kayode Oladipo (complainant) subscribed for 20 (twenty) plots of land from RevolutionPlus Property Limited at Dallas Court, Lekki and Royalty Gardens, Ajah, in Lagos State, in 2017.

The land was purchased through a “Buy 4 plots and get one free” deal struck by Kayode Oladipo’s realtor, who negotiated the terms of payment and contract agreements. Kayode Oladipo expressed interest in paying for 16 plots, which would allow him get four additional plots free of charge.

Kayode Oladipo, however, paid the deposit sum of N18,606,000 (Eighteen million, six hundred and six thousand Naira) to RevolutionPlus Property Limited in 2017 for the landed property.

Onalaja explained that 2 (two) out of the original 16 plots were fully paid for by the Kayode Oladipo, with the title documents completed and handed over to him.

The remaining 14 (fourteen) plots of land negotiated were NOT fully paid for by Mr. Kayode Oladipo, as he flouted the payment agreement on the contract. This, according to the contract, disqualified him from claiming ownership rights for the entire 20 plots he subscribed to in the deal.

According to the conditions in the contract signed by parties, landed property NOT fully paid for with its associated costs will not be processed further. In a case of non-compliance, the real estate company’s policy requires relocation of such subscriber to another site upon completion of payment or refund of the deposited sum less 40% (forty per cent).

Onalaja told the probe panel that, having defaulted in his payment pattern agreed on in 2017, RevolutionPlus Property Limited relocated Kayode Oladipo to another land site at Amazon Estate, Epe, which he declined while the option of refunding the down payment was also rejected by the client – the complainant.

Onalaja said that the real estate company had already finalised the allocation of 5 (five) plots to Mr. Kayode Oladipo at Amazon Estate based on the payment made with necessary documents forwarded to him.

Kayode Oladipo, however, rejected the proposal, insisting that the 20 plots negotiated in 2017 in Lekki be given to him at the same rate negotiated 7 years ago. This is the source of the dispute, which made Kayode Oladipo made the viral video and threatening suicide.

Onalaja also shared payment details, which affirmed that Kayode Oladipo did not make a payment of N40,000,000 (Forty million Naira) to the real estate company as he claimed in the viral video. The claim, he said, was untrue and misleading.

The probe panel contacted Kayode Oladipo on telephone and he confirmed that he paid the deposit sum of N18,606,000 (Eighteen million, six hundred and six thousand Naira) to RevolutionPlus Property Limited in 2017.

Kayode Oladipo told the probe team that he could not pay up the N40 million agreed for the entire plots, because he lost his job and couldn’t continue with the payment.

Kayode Oladipo also confirmed that he declined the option of relocation to Amazon Estate in Epe and wanted Lagos State Government to compel RevolutionPlus Property Limited to allocate his subscribed plots of land in Lekki to him.


1. The probe committee raised by Sanwo-Olu comprises Commissioner for Housing, Hon. Moruf Akinderu-Fatai, Special Adviser on Housing, Barr. Barakat Odunuga-Bakare and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Housing, Engr. Gbolahan Toriola.

2. At the probe panel, Kayode Oladipo was physically represented by his lawyer and realtor.

3. The probe panel explained to Kayode Oladipo that, having defaulted in his payment arrangement, the real estate company has the right to offer the option of relocation to another site equivalent to money paid or the option of refund of the amount paid less 40% as stipulated in the agreed contract of sales by both parties.

4. After the deliberations by probe team, Kayode Oladipo finally agreed to accept the allocation of (5) plots of land at Amazon Estate in Epe, which is equivalent to the present value of his payment.

5. Kayode Oladipo also accepted to make another video in which he is expected to make corrections on the misrepresentations of facts about the land transaction made with RevolutionPlus Property Limited.

6. The real estate company felt defamed by the viral video and demanded retraction from Kayode Oladipo, who in turn agreed to the terms.

7. The parties are expected to come back to the Government today (Tuesday) for the presentation of title documents to 5 plots in Epe.

8. The matter has been resolved and all parties involved are happy afterwards.

Copied: Riddwayne

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