Sanwo-Olu Seks Global Support to Address Water Crisis

Governor Babajide Sabwo-Olu of Lagos State has appealed for international assistance in securing long-term funding to tackle the acute water shortage plaguing Lagos.

Speaking at a side meeting during the #UNClimateSummit and #COP28, he underscored the urgency of sustainable financing to meet the escalating demand for safe water.

Lagos, home to a staggering 22 million residents, grapples with a daily demand for 700 million gallons of water, yet struggles to supply a mere 210 million, primarily due to infrastructure deficits. Beyond being a social service, the provision of adequate water is deemed an economic necessity crucial for public health.

Despite the city’s abundance of water bodies, only 40% of its water facilities are currently utilized. Governor Sabwo-Olu emphasized that the existing $2.8 billion investment in water infrastructure falls short of meeting the pressing needs of the population. He urged the necessity of forging strategic partnerships to bridge this critical gap.

The governor also stressed the pressing need for equitable global investment in water projects, asserting that every individual should have equal access to clean water, irrespective of their location. Lagos, boasting a youthful population, presents itself as a promising investment hub, requiring committed partners willing to drive tangible and transformative change.

As Governor Sabwo-Olu rallies international support, the spotlight intensifies on the imperative for collaborative efforts to address Lagos’ water crisis and ensure sustainable access to this essential resource for its millions of residents.

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