Salary Arrears: SSANU, NASU Members Will Get Half Pay – Minister

Amid ongoing negotiations, members of the Senior Staff Association and Non-Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (SSANU and NASU) are set to receive a portion of their withheld salaries, pending President Bola Tinubu’s endorsement of salary arrears payment.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Education Minister Tahir Mamman disclosed that if approved, government employees affected by the withholdings would receive half of their due wages.

Mamman clarified that while academic staff experienced strikes in 2022, non-academic staff faced different circumstances, warranting distinct considerations.

When asked what has delayed the payment to NASU and SSANU members, Mamman said, “No, it has not been approved.

“There is a court judgement on no work, no pay. ASUU getting four months’ pay was actually a discretion and decision on the part of the President. So, it doesn’t automatically transfer (to NASU and SSANU) but the matter is under consideration.”

“I don’t think it is safe to put a time on it but it’s safer to say that we are on it and we are pushing.

“And in any case, the non-academic staff, they were not on strike for the same period with the academic staff — about four months or so. So, if they are getting payment, it is going to be half of that (payment), if the President will follow his precedent with the academic staff.”

Speaking on the claim of discrimination by NASU and SSANU, the minister said, “That cannot be right, there is no rating. These are people working in the same terrain, they are doing different things but all working towards the same goal.

“I believe what happened was a communication problem initially, it wasn’t deliberate to exclude them from that benefit.”

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