Russia Considering Attack On Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant – Zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has revealed alarming information regarding a potential terrorist attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. In a recent statement, President Zelensky acknowledged that intelligence reports from Ukraine’s security agencies have indicated Russia’s consideration of a scenario involving a terrorist attack that could result in radiation leakage. The seriousness of the situation is emphasized by the fact that preparations for such an attack have reportedly been made.

Radiation Knows No Borders, President Zelensky Urges Global Cooperation

Highlighting the indiscriminate nature of radiation, President Zelensky emphasized that its impact is determined solely by the direction of the wind, disregarding state borders. In light of this, he emphasized the importance of sharing all available information with international partners across the globe. Ukraine aims to provide evidence and inform countries worldwide, including Europe, America, China, Brazil, India, the Arab world, and Africa, as well as international organizations. The president’s plea for global awareness and collaboration stems from the belief that every nation should be informed and prepared to respond should an attack occur.

Lessons from History, Urgent Action Required to Prevent Nuclear Plant Terrorism

President Zelensky referred to a previous incident, the Kakhovka disaster, where a terrorist attack occurred on a nuclear power plant. Learning from that tragic event, he emphasized the need for proactive measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. By issuing a warning and sharing crucial information, President Zelensky hopes to prompt swift and decisive action from the international community. The urgency to protect nuclear power plants from terrorist attacks is underscored by the potential catastrophic consequences and the devastating impact they could have on both human lives and the environment.

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