Ritual Killings: Ogun Police Unveils Details of Missing Persons

The Ogun State Police Command has disclosed significant developments in the investigation into the disappearance of individuals, revealing chilling revelations about the alleged involvement of prime suspect Adebayo Olamide Azeez in multiple murders.

According to SP Odutola Omolola, spokesperson for the Ogun State Police Command, the ongoing investigation led by the State Criminal Investigation Department has uncovered damning confessions from Azeez. He confessed to the ritualistic murder of several women, including Adijat Sulaimon, in a similar manner to those whose photographs were discovered on his phone.

“The Commissioner of Police has exposed the modus operandi of Adebayo Olamide Azeez and his syndicate that they lure young beautiful ladies from a HOOK UP SITE called “MY CHAT”, by enticing them with juicy amount of money. After bargaining and negotiating on a price, the ladies will follow up by visiting the indicated address given them, and that journey leads to their untimely death,” Odutola said.

The police implored individuals with missing relatives to provide photographs for identification purposes and encouraged anyone with information on the whereabouts of Segun, alias “Alfa Ariwo,” to come forward.

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