Ribadu Meets Top US Officials, Discusses Security Cooperation

Nigeria’s National Security Advisor, Nuhu Ribadu, engaged in a crucial meeting with his US counterpart, Jake Sullivan, on Thursday, to address shared concerns related to counterterrorism efforts in West Africa and the promotion of human rights. The talks, as conveyed by a White House statement, also delved into the imperative of fortifying democratic institutions and ensuring good governance throughout the African continent.

During the discussions, Mr. Sullivan emphasized President Biden’s unwavering commitment to Africa and highlighted the robust nature of the US-Nigeria relationship. He commended Nigeria’s assertive leadership within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), particularly applauding its resolute stance against the recent coup in Niger, advocating for a swift return to democratic governance.

The US National Security Advisor also outlined areas of mutual interest, citing a shared commitment to fostering peace and stability in nations undergoing political transitions. Commending Nigeria for its efforts, especially in the aftermath of the Niger coup, Mr. Sullivan underscored the importance of collaborative actions to address regional security challenges.

In response, both parties affirmed their dedication to sustaining close coordination and furthering the depth of their partnership to advance common interests. The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to ongoing cooperation in addressing regional security challenges and promoting democratic values.

The discussions reflect the continued alignment between the United States and Nigeria on matters of regional security, democratic governance, and the promotion of human rights—an alignment that strengthens their shared resolve to tackle challenges and promote stability in West Africa.

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