Reverend Macaulay Says It is Honourable To Be Gay

Reverend Macaulay
Reverend Jide Macaulay

Controversial pastor and founder of Gay church, House of Rainbow Fellowship, Reverend Macaulay has declared that it is a honourable thing to embrace homosexuality. The Gay rights activists also said that it is a special gift from God.

Jide Macaulay disclosed on his Instagram and Twitter accounts to declare that he was living a lie when he tried to show to the world that he was a straight man. When he realized he could no longer bear it, he dumped his family and moved on with his life.

Reverend Macaulay’s Full Excerpts

“To be a homosexual is honourable, a gift from God. It is who I am. God makes no mistakes. Knowing the truth as a gay Christian is liberating and gives me the most joy of my freedom.

I have paid the price for lying to be heterosexual. Pretending to be who you are not will only harm you. EVERYONE was hurt, my father, mother, wife, son, my siblings, in-laws, friends and relatives etc.

I was FORCED to lie. I justified these lies with religion, culture, tradition and law. I lied to myself for all of my adolescence; I lied to my family and friends.

Because I didn’t know any better. I lied to my ex-wife because I was afraid of telling the truth.

I lied in my prayers asking God to cure me of homosexuality instead of helping me to come to terms. My religious belief and dogma nearly killed me. I wrongly married a woman and badly hurt everyone.

I suffered emotional and psychological breakdown and through it all, I survived.”

A son of a pastor, Reverend Macaulay has made series of controversial statements in recent times on homosexuality. He had stated that bible characters like King David was himself a homosexual while Ruth was a lesbian who had sexual affairs with her mother-in-law, Naomi.

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