Research Shows Bankers, Doctors As Most Promiscuous

A new research has indicated that financial industry are the most likely to start an affair at their place of work. This includes Bankers, Investors and are closely followed by Doctors and Pilots.

The survey conducted by website, Victoria Milan, involved 5,658 persons, giving a kind of understanding into cheating behaviours and patterns.

The study also found out that Pilots are highly prone to cheating while Doctors and nurses have also been found to suffer an abnormally high tendency to cheat.

It has also been discovered, through this research that two out of three adulterous women (65 per cent) say they strike up affairs with people from the office. This leads to the suggestion that perhaps it makes their work place more fun for them to be in.

According to the research, the workstation is the coolest place for Bankers and other professionals to create an attraction and bond with someone else.

They add that it was a convenient place to hide their affair as there would be no need to go anywhere else for theirĀ sexcapades.

However, many of the women caught in this web, say that the worst part of having an office affair is having to still see the person every time even after the relationship must have ended badly.

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