Reps Lament Poor Quality Of Hypo, Haptic, Others

The House of Representatives is worried over the “poor quality” of toilet and cleaning disinfectants, especially hypo and haptic, sold to Nigerians.

It said on Tuesday that the disinfectants were not only “ineffective” but also “leave much to be desired.”

The House passed a resolution inviting the Executive Vice-Chairman of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission and the management of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria to “appear before the Committee on Commerce to justify the presence of haptic and hypo, and other non-effective cleaning disinfectants in the market or otherwise.”

The House noted that while the quality of the products remained poor, advertisements sponsored by the manufacturers on television and other media to market them hyped their supposed good quality.

A lawmaker from Edo State, Rep. Sergius Ose-Ogun, who moved a motion on the matter, told his colleagues that Nigerians were hoodwinked into buying hypo and haptic by such advertisements only to be disappointed, as they didn’t get value for their money.

“Concerned that toilet cleaning disinfectants such as haptic and hypo used in most households in Nigeria are ineffective, poor quality and leave much to be desired;

“Worried that despite the poor quality of these toilet cleaning disinfectants, there are several television sponsored advertisements that are misleading unsuspecting members of the public who rely on such adverts product information to make purchases;

“Alarmed that most Nigerians utilize these disinfectants in cleaning their homes, offices, hospitals, churches and mosques without getting the value for money spent in purchasing such products”, his motion partly stated.

The House ordered an investigation to be concluded within four weeks, while the Committee on Legislative Compliance was directed to monitor the execution of the resolution.

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