Report Any Official That Demands Bribe, Tinubu Tells Qatar

President Bola Tinubu conveyed a strong message to the international business community during the Nigeria-Qatar Business and Investment Forum in Doha. He assured investors that Nigeria is fully committed to facilitating serious business endeavors and will confront entrenched interests hindering investor confidence head-on.

In his address to Qatari investors, President Tinubu emphasized the ongoing reforms and upgrades within Africa’s largest economy. He pledged to address any obstacles obstructing profitable and legitimate enterprises, promising to eradicate all bottlenecks impeding progress.

Furthermore, President Tinubu issued a stern warning against corruption, urging Qatar’s industry leaders to report any government official soliciting bribes or inducements. He assured them of direct access to the President’s Office for swift action against such malpractices.

“I am here to give you the assurance that reforms are going on; forget about whatever you heard in the past. Whatever is the obstacle or problem that some of you might have experienced; it is in the past, because there is no obstacle in the future.

“Do not offer a bribe to any of our people, and if it is requested or taken from you, report to us. You will have access to me. Nigeria will no longer be defined by the past, but by what we do now and moving forward. Do not let perceptions become a hindrance to your will to invest. Nigeria is serious about revolutionizing investment promotion. We are removing obstacles today and we are going to continue to remove all obstacles. We have done so much within nine months. And I am assuring you, it is free entry, and free exit. Your funds will flow smoothly into and out of our country. Bring your investments,” the President stated.

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