Relief As 126 Nigerians Return From Sudan Safely

In a heartwarming development, the ninth batch of Nigerian evacuees has arrived safely back in their homeland. A total of 126 individuals, who departed from Port Sudan International Airport, landed at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport at around 10 pm local time on May 9. Their journey back home was facilitated by Tarco Air, ensuring their safe return to Nigeria.

With the arrival of this latest batch, the number of Nigerians successfully evacuated from various parts of the world has reached an impressive total of 1,856 individuals. This significant achievement showcases the dedication and commitment of the Nigerian authorities and the collaborative efforts of all involved in the evacuation process.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this ongoing evacuation operation is the fact that, thus far, no Nigerian lives have been lost. This is a testament to the meticulous planning, execution, and strict adherence to safety protocols by all parties involved. The safe return of every Nigerian citizen is a cause for celebration and a source of immense relief for their families and loved ones.

The Nigerian government, along with its diplomatic and consular missions, continues to prioritize the welfare and well-being of its citizens abroad. The evacuation efforts are a demonstration of the unwavering commitment to protect Nigerian nationals and provide them with the necessary support during challenging times.

As these 126 individuals reunite with their families and loved ones, the nation celebrates their safe return. The resilience and unity displayed throughout this evacuation process serve as a powerful reminder of the strength of the Nigerian spirit and the bonds that connect its people, no matter the distance.

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