Refusal of Sexual Advances Limits My Success – Yemi Alade

Renowned singer Yemi Alade has opened up about the hurdles she faces in the Nigerian entertainment industry, citing her refusal to comply with requests for sexual favors from industry executives as a reason for her limited success in winning awards.

The acclaimed ‘Johnny’ crooner disclosed that she has encountered numerous instances where entertainment executives have solicited sexual favors from her, promising enhanced career opportunities in return. However, Yemi Alade firmly stood her ground and refused to compromise her principles, despite the potential benefits.

“There was a time in the industry when everyone wanted to sleep with me and it was like, ‘Yemi, if you don’t do this, you won’t have that. Today men are the reason I don’t win awards in Nigeria,” WithInNigeria quoted her as saying.

“Going down with men was like a bridge I had to cross to get on some platforms, get some deals and even awards. When I made my decision never to engage in sexual activities for gains, lots of opportunities were automatically blocked for me.”

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