Red Line Conclude Rail Operations, Quality Management Systems Trainings

Operational staff of the Lagos Rail Mass Transit (LRMT) Red Line have concluded a six-week intensive training at the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) Training School, signalling the imminent commencement of test operation of the rail line.

Also, as part of the preparation for operation the staff were taken through the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority’s (LAMATA) quality management system.

Mr. Taiwo-Ojo Francis, Head of MIS LAMATA, equipped employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure smooth operations upon launch.
The program culminated in a series of tests and orientation drills, solidifying participants’ understanding of QMS principles and their application in daily tasks.

Engr. Olasukanmi Okusaga, Director of Rail Transport at LAMATA, commended the staff for their dedication and perseverance throughout the training. He further emphasized the abundant career opportunities that await them as they contribute to the success of the Red Line.

This successful training program marks a significant milestone towards the launch of commercial operations on the Red Line. With a well-equipped and motivated workforce, LAMATA is poised to deliver a safe and reliable rail service for the of Lagos.

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