Reason Saraki Met With Ex-President Jonathan Revealed

Senate President, Bukola Saraki and former President Goodluck Jonathan. Source: Olu Onemola

Senate President Bukola Saraki on Wednesday met with the immediate past President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan behind closed doors in Abuja.

Saraki said his visit was to pay his respect to the ex-president and also to inform him of his formal return to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The senate president also said that those who love Nigeria must work together to return the country to the path of growth, fairness, equity and justice.

Also speaking, Jonathan hailed Saraki for the firm and progressive leadership he has provided for the National Assembly.

He said: “Senate President, let me use this opportunity to commend your leadership abilities. Looking at what is happening in the country, if not for your strong leadership, probably the National Assembly would have been in chaos and if the National Assembly is in tatters, then of course, democracy is gone.

“I am quite pleased with the kind of relationship you have with the House of Representatives members and how you have been able to hold the National Assembly together because on the day that the parliament was invaded, though the target was the Senate, the House of Representatives members were as active as, if not more active than, the Senators and that cannot happen by chance.

“What we know is that if there is an assault on the Senate. Then it is also seen as an assault on the House of Representatives. If they (House of Representatives members) don’t believe in you, I don’t think some of them would have taken that kind of risk. That commitment shows that they believe in your leadership.”

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