Random Thoughts on the State of the Nation By Doyin Okupe


Dear Mr. President,

The following suggestions are submitted publicly with all humility for your consideration;Some may be considered radical, naive or diplomatically unacceptable but in spite of all these, kindly reflect deeper into the thoughts behind them.

These are desperate times and they demand desperate solutions and perhaps unprecedented boldness as you have demonstrated in terms of policy making since you assumed office.

Please be prepared for more audacity if you wil rescue this country from its present precarious existence.
As a person who has interacted with you for more than 30 years, I know and I believe you have the required capacity to stem the tide. Your government is at a “make or break” situation, I believe you have what it takes to “make” it.


1. Declare State of Emergency in the economic sector for a period of 6 months in the first instance.

2 . Suspend the 2024 national budget implementation.

3. Presently, though unsung presently by the media, the army and security agencies are succeeding in the fight against Insurgency, Banditry and kidnapping. The state of emergency empowers the Presidency, co-opting the state and local government security apparatuses (State Police will be of great importance and relevance under this arrangement), the presidency can now seat directly on top of funding, management and supervision of various activities nationwide with respect to insecurity. Within 6 months, farmers nationwide must be able to return to their farms without any fear of assailants.

4. Deploy every power that is available to you to stop oil theft within 90 days maximum.

5. License and provide crude for local refiners majority of whom are presently engaged in illegal refineries, also direct NNPC to finalize and conclude approval and production arrangements with private refiners already licensed.

6. Acquire or Procure expertise to increase Oil production nationally to a capacity of not less than 3million barrels a day.

7. If it is impossible for Nigeria to secure the approval of OPEC for this level of production per day, then QUIT OPEC in a rescue effort to increase Dollar revenue inflow and save the nation from the present continuous and severe devaluation of the Naira..

8. Mandate Portharcout refinery to raise it’s capacity to 10 million liters of PMS per day within the next 6 months Work out an arrangement and if necessary use the leverage of the national equity in Dangote refinery to find means and ways of guiding and assisting that refinery to produce a minimum of 40 million liters of PMS per day within the next 6 months.

If these two suggestions are achievable, Nigeria will have zero Importation of petroleum products within the next 6 months and this will reduce pressure on forex by more than 50%.

*The Objectives of the value propositions above is to achieve a petroleum pump price of between #300 to #400 per liter and a forex rate of below #750 to $1 by the end of the emergency period of 6months.*

9. Engage in massive Importation of staple foods for the next 6 months. These can be done directly by the government ( With High Corruption Tendencies) or through well known importers of such food items ( Customs can provide a useful list) or simply remove Import duties, Port charges , Taxes and VAT from Importation of these food items by Interested Nigerian traders and Importers. The government can thereafter insist on regulating effectively the selling prices both to distributors and consumers.

These food items should include:

A. Rice
B. Maize and Grains
C. Beans
D. Flour and Wheat

The above Steps will crash the prices of food items and resolve the issue of hunger in the land

10. All tiers of Government should be integrated and involved in all the processes above. Within 6 months, the Government should be able to repackage the economy and long lasting enduring solution which will come on stream at the expiration of the 6 months period of emergency.

There is no economic model, advice or guide from within or without Nigerian institutions that should be allowed to supercede the need to remove hunger, reduce hardship, social tension and prevent anarchy.

If we must break economic rules in order to establish national stability and social Well being of the citizens,So be it.

If we allow the nation to be thrown into full blown anarchy,our democracy wil be endangered nd citizens welfare,well-being nd national security wil be heavily compromised.

These are my humble thoughts Your Excellency.

Doyin Okupe

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