Pursue Entrepreneurship, Funke Akindele Urge Women

Nollywood actress and producer Funke Akindele has called on women to embrace entrepreneurship and strive for independence. In a recent interview with Arise TV, the acclaimed filmmaker emphasized the importance of women being enterprising, regardless of their circumstances.

Akindele, known for her record-breaking contributions to the Nigerian film industry, highlighted that women should not rely on men for success. She urged women to take charge of their futures by engaging in entrepreneurial activities.

Addressing young women specifically, Akindele advised them to remain content and focused on their personal goals rather than envying others or living beyond their means.

She said, “Whatever you have, just start something. Move. Don’t wait for the big opportunity. Even if it’s petty business, just start something.

“As a young girl out there, who says women can’t make money? Who says women can’t have money when we have the Folorunsho Alakijas? They are made, they are okay. The other day, I was telling myself that I have to work harder to be as rich as the Alakijas. Who says you can’t have money? You don’t have to rely on a man to make it.

“You have to stay focused. The little you have, manage it. Don’t be greedy. Don’t look at what your neighbors have and say you want to have what they have. When the time comes for you to have luxurious things, you’ll have them.

“I used to buy my handbags from ‘bend down select.’ I would wash and iron them and slay with them. Even with the cheap bags, I still felt good. Just believe in yourself. And watch what you feed yourself with.

“Content that would drive you crazy, people that would say things that would upset you, toxic people—avoid them. Because you’re growing in a new space. It’s what you feed yourself with that matters. It really matters because if you feed yourself with negativity, at the end of the day you would believe you can’t do it because you’re not pretty enough.”

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