Protect APC’s Votes, Tinubu Charges Party Members

Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, has asked the party’s election preparation and monitoring staff to safeguard its votes in the next general elections.

This he stated in a press release from Mr. Tunde Rahman, Tinubu’s media representative in Abuja.

The former governor of Lagos said he was grateful for the members’ efforts in committing to work for the party’s victory in all elections.

”The party’s success rests on your commitment to the assignment given to you.

“The work you are doing is essential to our victory, we cannot win without your contributions. Victory rests on you all as much as it rests on our party’s candidates themselves.

“And when I say this, I include myself in that statement, this is how important I see your work,” Tinubu said.

He urged the election monitors to be vigilant and do their best to ensure that the party’s votes across the country were secured to bring victory for all its candidates contesting in various elections.

“I know there will be challenges and our opponents will lay traps in hopes that you fail, you must stand firm and remain vigilant.

“Tens of millions of people believe in our great party, they have put their trust in us, and will cast their ballots for us in each and every election at the national and state levels.

“We must ensure the trust of the people is not betrayed by ensuring that every vote in our favour counts, is counted and recorded. We must protect every vote,” Tinubu said.

He mentioned that the party had 28 candidates for governorships, 109 for the Senate, 360 for the House of Representatives, and 988 for state assemblies.

He continued by saying that all of the contenders, including himself as the party’s presidential nominee, had confidence in groups.

The party’s leadership, according to Tinubu, is depending on the teams to make sure that individuals who disagree with the party, its candidates, and its progressive stances do not sway the election.

In order to make sure that the party’s lengthy and arduous campaigning was not in vain, he told them to equal the devotion and hard work of the party’s candidates as the elections drew near.

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