Pro-Tinubu Youths Rally at NASS Against NLC’s Planned Protest

In a demonstration of solidarity, scores of pro-democracy activists embarked on a march from the renowned Unity Fountain to the National Assembly complex in Abuja on Friday. Their objective: urging the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to suspend its planned two-day protest and engage in dialogue with the Federal Government.

The organised labour had earlier announced intentions to stage a protest highlighting the economic challenges gripping the nation. However, amidst growing tensions, the activists called for a return to the negotiation table, emphasizing the importance of dialogue in addressing the country’s pressing issues.

Expressing their concerns, the activists underscored the need for constructive engagement and cooperation between the government and the labour union. They cautioned against escalating tensions and urged both parties to seek common ground for the betterment of the nation.

Amidst the backdrop of uncertainty, there were pledges from the labour union to mobilise Nigerians in support of their cause if negotiations faltered. This added a layer of urgency to the calls for dialogue and compromise.

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