Pro-Jonathan Youths In Yenagoa Protest Persecution Of The Former First Family

pro-jonathan-youthsPro-Jonathan youths from the Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide took to the street of Yenagoa today in a peaceful protest against the persecution of the former first family. The protest started around 8am along Sani Abacha road and Isaac Boro expressway in the Bayelsa state capital.

Addressing co-protesters, the IYC President, Mr. Udengs Eradiri, said the protest was to send a message to the Federal Government about the attitude of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission towards the former first family. He called on the president to accord Jonathan some respect as he handed over power to him peacefully.

Most members of the group chanted protest songs with placards bearing inscriptions such as, ‘Stop harassing Jonathan’s family’, ‘Leave Patience Jonathan alone’, ‘If you must probe Dame Patience Jonathan, all the former first ladies must be probed’, and ‘We need projects in Niger Delta, not soldiers.’

Other inscriptions were, ‘LNG must be bought by Bonny people,’ ‘We are Ijaw youths, not criminals’, ‘EFCC, return Alamco’s property, Don’t be biased,’ ‘Unfreeze Jonathan’s accounts’, among others.

Eradiri asked the President focus on governance and the falling economy and stop vilifying the former first family. The economy has gone so bad because of the attitude of the EFCC when it concerns the Niger Delta people.

“Our appeal is that Buhari should please respect Jonathan, just as he respects the other former presidents. They have frozen his accounts, they are not paying his allowances, even the security agents around him do not get what is due them. We have yet to know why Buhari is victimising Jonathan and his family members.”

Patience is a rich woman

Also reacting to recent allegations against former first lady Patience Jonathan, Eradiri said she is being accused wrongly. He said other wives of presidents, vice presidents and governors have been walking freely since they left office.

“When you talk about the aggression towards Dame Patience Jonathan, she is not the first First Lady. She is wife to former deputy governor, governor, vice-president and President. Are you expecting her to be a poor woman?



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